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Characteristics of movements freight elevator hydraulic fluid

Hydraulic transmission using hydraulic components to achieve the intermediate transmission a form of transmission, its main features are as follows:
    (1) adaptability. Its output torque and speed changes with changes in external load in order to meet the requirements of external load.
    (2) safety: it's in the job, even if the load up to the maximum, the turbine shaft stopped turning, the engine will continue to turn without damaging.
    (3) speed, buffering is good: because it is a liquid is used as transmission medium, so can be used in wide range of stepless speed regulation, while also absorbing vibration, thus improving the stability and life of the equipment.
    its main disadvantage is that inefficient, often beat to set the device, higher the cost of mechanical transmission.
    due to the fluid power and hydraulic transmission has a lot of advantages, engineering, mining, transportation, machine tools, shipbuilding, metallurgy, machinery and so on have used hydraulic technologies, which enhance the mining mechanization level, is of real significance.