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Lift safety protective equipment

Safety helmets, helmet
   1, before using to check the CAP, hat lining, chinstrap is complete and valid.   
   2, the use of a helmet before adjusting the helmet lining, hat lining part of the space from the CAP.   
   3, Cap hoop should be adjusted by head-banded to prevent bowed Hat slip before blocking the view for work.   
   4, no helmet two layer lining into a layer.   
   5, a helmet should be worn tight, Dai Zheng, bonnet tied under the jaw and tighten.
   6, helmets will expire from the date on which the products are manufactured, plastic cap of no more than 2.5 years, fiberglass cap of 3.5 years.   
   II, harnesses,
   1, seat belts must be tested every six months check before using.
   2, while working in the following situation, should wear seat belts:
   (1) have the potential to work on Spider-man, while in the workplace, who must wear a seat belt,
   (2) more than two metres high when working at heights;
   (3) no scaffold scaffolding work or there are no railings, More than 1.5 metres high;
   (4) sloping roofs operations;
   (5), flat-roofed houses, away from the edge of the roof or roof opening when there is no fence 1.2 m;
   (6) any suspended platforms or stations;
   (7) any railing, decking is not complete on the scaffold;
      (8) close to the ladder on the roof or on the ground near the hole;
   (9) at height when there is no reliable fall protection measures.
   3, and how right using belt:
   (1) to beam tight belt, waist buckle component must Department tight Department are;
   (2) using belt for hanging job Shi, cannot will hanging hook directly hook in belt rope Shang, should hook in belt rope of hanging ring Shang;
   (3) ban will belt hanging in not firm or with sharp angle of component Shang ;
   (4) type with seat belts, not allowed to replace the parts;
   (5) belt by the severe impact, even if the shape has not changed nor use;
   (6) prohibited the use of security passes the load;
   (7) seat belt hanging above the solid and reliable, no less than waist height.   
  />   third, the safety rope 1, in order to ensure the safety of Spider-man is always in the process of moving to ensure, when a particularly dangerous assignment, required fasten your seat belt while hanging on the rope.   
   2, prohibiting the use of rope to safety ropes.   
   3, the use of more than 3 m long string buffer should be added.
   4, a safety rope cannot be used both at the same time.   
  , differential protectors 1, self-locking device should be checked before being used.   
   2, since the lock hooks, belts should be hung on the metal ring.
   3, had had a severe impact from the lock should stop using.