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Summary of construction hoist safety applications

&Nbsp;     construction elevators, people of dual-use goods hoist applications on the same principle, we wanted to understand construction hoist is so, we must first understand what is a construction elevator.
construction elevator is a gear engaged with the rack cage movement of vertical transportation machinery, for the transportation of personnel and materials. Its adaptable, high construction efficiency, can be used in warehouses, wharves, docks, roadways and other structures for long-term use, can also be used in industrial and civil construction to improve material and personnel. Because it has itself as the buildings rise high, tiered upgrade feature, which has been widely used in the construction. Basis in hanging cages and the channel should be set around the fence. Portable portable lifts other measures can be used to support. Fence made of solid steel plate, punching steel plate, welded or woven fabric production. Protective fence should be able to withstand horizontal 350N force applied perpendicular to the direction of the fence without a permanent deformation, the object is a flat equilateral square, 50mm, edge rounding RADIUS is 3mm. Ground the fence's height should not be less than 1.5M. Fence doors should be equipped with mechanical and electrical interlocks, so cage only at the locations provided on the bottom fence to open the door and hoist does not start after the doors open. When an attachment or when a box inside the lift the fence, should be set private area with its isolation, and install a locking door.
      construction hoist, one application of dual-use goods of construction hoist safety is very high. Jinan demante hydraulic machinery company specializing in the production of construction hoist.