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Considerations for construction enterprises to purchase crane and hoist

&Nbsp;      construction enterprises in construction of vertical transportation machinery is the most used large cranes and construction elevators, so select a relatively high price, and more in line with the work product is more focused on the environment. In this regard, professional manufacturer of construction hoist large building construction enterprises made the following recommendation:
   first of all important to enterprises in buying a crane for the technical parameters of the product details. Choose appropriate parameters of self-elevating tower crane. In parameters, the most important is the main parameter: amplitude, the biggest lifting capacity and lifting height. However, in defining the main parameters, to determine which form of tower crane: is inner-climbing tower crane, still-attached tower crane; is pitching luffing jib tower crane or the level of trolley-jib tower crane.
   experience shows that 1 40 t · m-class features inside-climbing tower crane can be worth 1 80 t · m-class-attached tower crane function. -Attached tower crane needs with more Tower body standard section, and must have the required number of attached to the rod and the corresponding anchorages.
  , starting from the saving one-time investment, selection of inner-climbing tower crane is economical and reasonable. However, in order to guarantee safety and to get the best benefit, should be used inside-climbing tower crane for construction construction organization design and construction after the completion of demolition of tower crane programme.
   at present, the domestic level of self-elevating tower crane trolley boom of self-elevating tower crane, only a small pitch few factories luffing jib tower crane. Therefore, sources of supply, with an optional horizontal jib tower crane is more convenient. However, to fit some high-rise buildings such as the forest environment when building a tower building, pitching luffing jib tower crane is a reasonable choice. Because the pressure lever-arm pitching freely, the crane does not waving over the neighbouring high-rise buildings, or collides with the surrounding high-rise buildings.
   because of boom-type self-elevating tower crane has these characteristics, so Hong Kong Bank building with 6 fixed-leg self-elevating tower crane. Based on the same reason, some Southeast Asian countries have in recent years introduced fixed-leg self-elevating tower crane in China, for use in high-rise building construction.
   the same way, construction companies in buying a construction elevator when the premise of economical and practical, situation analysis the construction site, combined with the building type, height, select the difficulty of easy to use and moderate load, speed, safety and reliable products BACK PAGE