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The structure and characteristics of construction hoist

&Nbsp;     construction hoist are generally composed of steel, drive systems, electrical systems and safety control system consists of several parts, and demante hydraulic below for you to describe their characteristics: 1, outside the steel structure the steel structure consists of cages, cages, standard sections, on, attach the wall frames and other components. 1) hoists are hoists are the core components of construction hoist, for welding steel structure, surrounded by wire netting, before and after the installation of a single and double open cage door, install support rod on the top. Hoist column on the transmission mechanism and speed limiter plate mounting hole, the Guide pulley block mounted on the column. 2) outside the cage: the main chassis, protective cage around rod and one standard composed of. Outside the entrance outside the door of the cage and fitted with automatic opening mechanism, when cage goes up, outside the cage closes automatically. When cage, outside the door can be opened automatically. Chassis fitted with buffer Springs, to ensure that the hoists with flexible contact. 3) standards: standards section consists of seamless steel tube and angle steel welded together. Standard section installed on the rack, multi standard bolts conservation Guide, through walls and buildings fixed, as the cage top and bottom running rail. 4): to reuse in order to balance the weight of hoist, thereby enhancing the power of electric motor utilization and hoists the load and force structure could be improved. For heavy wire rope by rail on top of the wheel and cage top and bottom running rail. 5) wall bracket: used to make Rails and buildings attached to the wall connections in order to guarantee the stability of guiding track framework. 2, driving system of construction hoist driving system consists of an electric motor, coupling, gear and mounted on the gear reducer output shaft and other components, driven by double motor, pinion even by force. Transmission system installed inside the cage, through the gears are meshing with the guide rail rack rack, hanging on the cage, running. Each cage has a 3, electrical devices and electrical equipment, including power supply boxes, control boxes, control boxes, can use handle or button control within the cage cage lift running may stop at any time in any location. In the upper and lower terminal stations, can be controlled by the upper and lower end limit switches automatically. In order to achieve high speed, stable, large machine building also designed by frequency control and hydraulic pumps and hydraulic motors and other advanced technologies have made lifting speeds from 0~100m/min stepless and smooth starting and braking. Safety control system of hoist 4, set in the circuit overload and wire breakage, short circuit and the safety switch, when running in the event of any fault, immediately lift automatically. Hanging on the cage door limit switch, exception when any door is not closed or open, the cage cannot start or stop running immediately. In addition each hoist is equipped with conical drum speed limiter for anti falling safety device, can effectively prevent the cage fall. BACK PAGE