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Selection of formal safety lifting cargo lift

By the end of 2011, Shun Hing, Quanzhou City Arts factory without a license of homemade lifts, quality supervision Bureau directly under the second branch, Quanzhou was fine of $ 25000. Last year, the Quanzhou Fengze North Peak Street, Fengze district safety Committee reflect, Shun Hing craft factory violations 1 undocumented homemade lifting the freight elevator used (commonly known as "freight elevator"), there are security risks. Subsequently, the Quanzhou city quality supervision Bureau directly under the second branch to check the lift closed down.
6 month, law enforcement officers visit found that processing removed seals, continue to use the lift. Law enforcement technicians will lift cables, please cut out, and initiate an investigation.
9 month, law enforcement officials when they visit again, found processing plant not only failed to reform, fix homemade lifts continue to use, and informed decision. However, the factory boss Wang had not appeared.
November 10, 2011, directly under the second branch of law enforcement officers came to the plant, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the regulations on safety supervision over special equipment, responsible for the decided to offer the following administrative penalties: ordered to stop using the undocumented movements freight elevator, and confiscated, and a fine of $ 25000. Payment of penalties limited to November 20, 3% Add a fine daily overdue fines.
was closed down earlier this year, the factory continued to use the undocumented homemade lifts.