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Scissor lift hydraulic system how does it work

&Nbsp;     a device in the hydraulic lift is called: scissor lifts his scissor is the main building, all hydraulic cylinders power complete, so how do hydraulic scissor lift work too! Small series to say for you below.
    normal circumstances, lifts the rotation of the motor-driven pump oil, promote the piston in the cylinder, lift arm perpendicular to the frame up, down, oil pressure within the speed limit under the control of valves and flow control valves, flow through solenoid valve back into the fuel tank. Overload the fuel tank, the pressure oil pump output flow directly back into the fuel tank through the overflow valve. Of accidents in order to prevent tube rupture Tailspin, each cylinder into the oil pipeline, a one-way rate-limiting valve, even in the case of pipe burst, would also ensure that the often fall down.
    to sum up, lift each one rise and fall is a movement of hydraulic oil, so we need to ensure clean and free of pollution of hydraulic oil!


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