About Us

Anhui fast lifting equipment Ltd is a company engaged in research and development and sales of hydraulic lifting equipment. Existing scientific research staff of more than 20 people, products strictly in accordance with national JG/T5103-1998 standard of the hydraulic lifting platform. The company's development and design a new generation of products, excellence, process safety and reliability, and ISO-9001 quality certification.

this company sales hydraulic lifts, and electric lifts, and mobile type lifts, and aluminum lifts, and construction lifts, and silk Rod lifts, and car lifts, and fixed type lifts, and simple lifts, and lifting products used new aluminum profile, material excellent, and weight light, and strength high, and not deformation, and volume small, structure reasonable security, and stability good, and lift rose capacity strong, and equipment cost low, and efficiency high features. Products are widely used in national industries, such as mining, military, hotels, buildings, electricity, banking, schools, communications, theater, sports, and other places of Spider-man.

the company sells aluminum series lifting products are: single-masted, double mast, mast, manual, mobile, fixed, and explosion-proof, insulation and other products with high quality aluminum alloy elevating platform in the form of.

the company sells a hydraulic platform: SJG series, SJY series, SJGH series, such as various forms of high quality scissor lifting platform.

the spirit of our company: advanced technology, casting brand, sincerity-oriented, service-oriented, life-long services, construction and create up to an enterprise's brand philosophy. Honesty, diligence, and innovation is our permanent goal.